Aerial Revolution is a “drone” company centrally located in Houston, TX.  We specialize in providing an array of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services, as well as developing custom applications using a wide range of different sensors.  We have experience in a variety of sensor platforms from video to infrared thermal imaging to LIDAR.  We have the knowledge and industry contacts to provide our customers with specialized turnkey equipment and services.

DJI Spreading wings s900 inspection droneProven Applications
  • Roof Inspections
  • Search and Rescue
  • PV Solar Panel Inspections
  • Building Diagnostics
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Optical Gas Imaging
  • Agricultural
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Accident Investigations
  • Bridge and Infrastructure Inspections
  • Cellphone and Radio Tower Inspections
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Land Surveying
Aerial Cinematography
  • Aerial Revolution is proud to partner with Up in the Air Films for all of our fine art cinematic and photographic projects. Owner Daniel Pawlowski has successfully completed projects ranging from small website ads for local businesses to nationwide marketing commercials for Fortune 500 corporations.
Custom Applications

We pride ourselves on being able to offer applications that have never been offered before.  Whether it is a brand new idea, or a high refined custom application for a proven method, Aerial Revolution wants to help our clients to develop their ideas into a turnkey product or service.

The AR Advantage

Aerial Revolution was formed by pilots with over 75 years’ experience, ranging from small Cessna’s all the way to large trans-Atlantic corporate jets.  We know the FAA, and how to navigate the regulations, ensuring that we are operating safely and legally to protect our clients and their assets.  Whether it be acquiring necessary waivers to operate inside restricted airspaces, or ensuring that all of our pilots are properly trained with 107 certifications, Aerial Revolution is dedicated to ensuring our sUAV operations are safe and legal.

As proud as we are of our leading edge adaptation of ever changing FAA regulations, we know that even the most sophisticated sUAV is only as good as the sensors it deploys, and the operator collecting the data from those sensors.  To that end, we always fly dual operator systems.  Meaning we have a pilot who flies the sUAV, and a second technician that operates the gimbal and sensor(s) collecting the required data.  All of our sensor operators are trained in house on the operation of our state of the art systems.  Furthermore, all of our sensor operators are certified to at least Level 1 ASNT-TC1A Infrared Thermography standards.  This NDT standard is recognized worldwide and is an important distinction that separates us from almost all other sUAV companies that employ thermal imaging sensors.

Most of our systems operate multiple sensors at once.  Our thermal imaging systems typically carry a 30x optical zoom video camera, as well as a fully calibrated high resolution radiometric thermal sensor.  We have the ability to manually control all aspects of the thermal and video sensors from the ground.  Where most systems only allow for automatic control of things such as emissivity or level and span, our systems allow our highly trained operators full manual control in-flight.  A small difference that offers HUGE differences in the quality of the data we can provide to our clients.

We know that the sole goal of deploying a drone is to get the needed sensor(s), whether it be still photos, video, LIDAR, or thermal cameras into hard to reach locations to get quality data, quickly, safely and on budget.  We feel that our combination of experience, training and equipment has uniquely positioned us in the market place to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service and data.

Wes Sutton

Wes is an Airline Transport Pilot with over 22 years’ experience in the aviation industry. He holds many certifications and ratings, ranging from Certified Flight Instructor, to multiple current Trans-Atlantic Jet type ratings. He is also Part 107 licensed to operated sUAVs. Having flown many styles of drones over the last 5 years, he has become highly proficient in both drone and camera operations. While managing several flight departments over his aviation career, he has gained and developed the skills and relationships needed to navigate the ever-changing FAA regulations relating to drone operations. He is a Certified ASNT-TC1A Infrared Thermographer and Optical Gas Specialist. In addition to his aviation career, he has also owned and operated several successful businesses. His vast experience and attention to details makes him a critical component in providing the highest level of service to Aerial Revolution’s clients.

J. Taylor Stanley

Taylor is a long time aircraft and RC enthusiast. He has been a pilot for 12 years and is certified as a sUAV operator under FAA Part 107. He has been involved in the RC industry as a hobbyist since the age of 8, ranging from model aircraft to RC car racing, and most recently quad copters. His other qualifications include being a Certified ASNT-TC1A Infrared Thermographer and Optical Gas Specialist. As well as holding a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his technical expertise in several areas related to the sUAV market makes him a valued member of the Aerial Revolutions team.

Peter Nicholson

Seasoned Commercial Executive, who’s extensive career has been submerged working in the Oil and Gas industry. Peter brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience along with a vast global network of contacts.

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