Aerial Inspection Equipment

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DJI Spreading wings s900 inspection drone

sUAV Platform

Our standard UAV setup starts with a customized DJI S900. Using longer arms, larger motors and larger diameter props than the standard S900, we have the ability to carry larger payloads with longer flight times. Using DJI’s flagship A3 Pro triple redundant flight controller, paired with their Lightbridge 2, we have the highest accuracy, safest and best quality downlink in the industry.

Video Platform

Our most used thermal system is a non-cooled microbolometer style imager. It is a high resolution (640×520), professionally calibrated, fully radiometric camera. This is one of the highest sensitivity non-cooled sensors on the market. Our custom interface allows us complete manual control for Level, Span and Emissivity directly through the DJI interface. We also have the ability to output intelligent files that allow us at a later date to not only change, Level, Span and Emissivity, but also to recall temperature data from anywhere on the image. In laymen’s terms, this means that we have 332,800 non-contact temperature sensors rolled up into a single package that fits in the palm of your hand!

Gas Imaging Sensor

Our flagship sensor is a cryogenically cooled MWIR InSb infrared thermal imaging sensor that is capable of detection a long list of hydrocarbon gases for the optical gas imaging (OGI) service industry. Weighing in at half the weight, and 4 times the resolution of the now standard FLIR GF320, we can launch from a small UAV and maintain longer flight times. As with all of our sensors, they are all fully integrated through our custom hardware and integrated custom DJI app to make them fully controllable from either member of our two-person flight crew.

Our fleet consists of fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs that can be used in conjunction for complex projects. Our range of equipment, expertise and ability to handle complex flight planning and permissions means we can undertake survey work from tight urban conurbations to mapping very large areas, several sq miles per day. We have the right tools for your requirements.


Our systems are typically operated with both a video/photo and thermal camera system. When an image is taken, several different images are stored. The digital photo, a digital thermal photo, and thermal image file. The thermal file is an important distinction, because it allows us the ability to adjust the way the data is visually displaying at a later date. This is critical when trying to create reports, allowing us to present the data in the most relevant way. We also have the ability store video files for both the video and thermal cameras. That is up to 5 different formats simultaneously!

Thermal photograph aerial