Aerial Inspection Services

A few of the services we provide our clients

aerial roof inspection company

Roof Inspections

Aerial based thermal imaging offers many advantage over traditional ground based services.  Using the current standard ASTM C1153 – 10(2015) as a guideline, we have developed a new standard that is faster, safer and more accurate.

PV Solar Panel Inspections

By looking for hotspots on the glass fronts of solar panels, infrared thermal imaging sensors can detect possible defects.  High sensitivity sensors coupled with our ability to manually control the camera from the ground gives us an unparalleled ability to find even the smallest temperature difference.

Building Diagnostics

Thermal imaging can help to quickly find issues within a home or building.  Finding and fixing issues such as missing insulation, water damage or air conditioning leaks can save from more extensive damages or wasted energy.

Electrical Inspections

By periodically inspecting electrical connections, you can trend for corrosion or loose inspection, resulting in overheating.   Motor bearings or windings can also be checked to help to predict premature failure.

aerial electrical inspection